A list. number nine.

1. This has been my battle since the start. I've recently taken to wearing nail polish so that I feel some what tidy or 'put together'.

2. How amazing is this?! Take me back in time now! 

3. Caught at the right moment. The Hamster getting caught with a face full is how I imagine I'd look in the same situation.

4. I've already watched this like 100 times today... so much talent. 

5. I'm really looking forward to seeing this

6. Slip dresses were my pre-teen obsession. 

7. I really do miss a good snow day, but this would be a little to much for me to manage and would require more than just strapping my crimpons to my Doc Martians - which was all that was needed in Glasgow. 

8. The originals

9. Kiddys. Tweets. Parents. 

10. The tallest babe and her story.