Sunday walks.

This week is my last week of maternity leave, the last 4 months have been a massive blur! It wasn't until today, when I dropped her off for a sleep over at daycare, that it hit me how much this little bundle is a part of me. It's flipping crazy! 

One of the many perks of having a kid is the added excuse for walks. I've never done it for the exercise, oh no, it's all about checking out the neighbours. Mainly their houses and Karori does not disappoint! 

Ever since Eilidh was born I've tried to get her out of the house as much as possible as I'm not raising a little battery hen. The only problem is that I have a horrendous sense of direction and I often end up going in loops or facing dead ends.  So last Sunday, with the husband leading the way, I finally visited the Karori cemetery.