My poor wee child has dry skin. Her poor wee noggin is so, so dry it almost breaks my heart. 

Someone wisely suggested an oat bath would sort it right out but I didn't fancy scooping damp oats out of the bath or bathing my child in something that resembled porridge. My solution? An oversized oat and herb filled tea bag type thingamabob! 

I wanted this to be a quick project so no sewing or anything remotely time consuming. If I'd pulled out the sewing machine this project would suddenly take much, much longer and I suffer from 'sewing machine laziness', it's pretty serious. 

I whipped up a bag while the husband got the child ready for the bath. So super easy, fast and soothing! Any herbs would work but I decided on lavender as it's the perfect ingredient for a relaxing evening bath. 

. 2 handfuls of Wholegrain Oats
. 10 heads of Lavender
. a square of muslin, a rough 15cm square
. some string

Just follow the photos below. You can use the oat bag a few times, just use until the bath no longer turns a creamy colour. Squeezing the bag in the water also helps.  

Please be aware that this isn't a miracle cure for the dry baby in your life, but I think it's well worth a try. We've been using the following concoction for a few days now and it seems to slowly helping our little bundle.